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Down the Shore in Brielle

My Design approach for this family home in Brielle was putting FG Design Solutions four Rs to use; Repurpose, Restore, Reduce and Recycle. While paring down, room by room, I was able to create a laid back living environment, that is simple, and family friendly. My overall design challenge, was to use sustainable materials and repurposing existing items throughout the house. Above: In the dining room I was guided by my favorite saying of Richard Boch, “The simplest things are most often the truest”. A jolt of hydrangea blue brightens the walls. White woodwork, sustainable blinds and a casual table and chairs keep the dining room from feeling too formal.

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A Playhouse Design in Locust

This playhouse project was my Design for the 2011 VNA Designer House Tour, in Locust, NJ. The playhouse was built with mortar and brick many years ago by the owners ten year old son. It was completed with the help of his grandfather, many years later, before he went off to College. I was able to create an authentic design by using his toys, tricycle and many collections. Only a few antiques were purchased or borrowed for this design. As shown in the BEFORE picture the original floor was made of plywood. Flagstone pieces found in the garden on the property and broken to size were installed as the permanent floor. The white painted brick walls were painted  a mellow yellow for a sunny and youthful look.

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A Teen’s Bedroom in Monmouth Beach

Always involve your children in the design process. Especially when reducing their toys, collectibles and clothing. Twin-size bedsteads are perfect for kids’ rooms, and easy to find at thrift shops and flea markets. Always supply a bedside table light to encourage your child to read.

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Home Sweet Home in Rumson

When designing bedrooms I am always inspired by a wonderful saying by The Duchess, Molly Bawn, “What a haven of rest and security is one’s own room!” And, I believe, if our kitchens are where we gather, then our bedrooms are where we retire. My FG Design Solutions, Home Comforts for a Bedroom…1. A comfortable bed.  2. Fresh bedclothes of natural fibers.  3. Calm, restful art.  4. A good reading light.  5. Handy bedside table. 6. Ample storage. 7. Books make a room.

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